What happens when an Angel lands in San Francisco and has to learn how to survive?

That’s exactly what happened when Angel loses his bet (yes, there are bets in heaven!) and is sent to earth to learn what being human is all about!




“So Rad! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about humanity…and people in San Francisco are very articulate…or is that just really good editing.”

“Through the Golden Gates is truly wonderful. Angel is the perfect host- I really love how sweet natured he seems and he is the perfect tour guide, so to speak, for SF. It really got my pride in this place going-I think I can take this city for granted sometimes.”

Episode 1-Arrival

Episode 2-Rebellion

Episode 3-Transformation

Episode 4-Valentines Day

Episode 5-Food & She devils

Beatific Vision The Movie

Everybody Angel Audio Story



“Eyes are the gateway to the soul. When you have eye contact for 8.2 seconds it means you are in love.

“Makes me want to buy a new pair of sunglasses.”


Through The Golden Gates (TTGG) is a talk show with great insights from regular people.  Angel has been a performer & resident of San Francisco for 38 years.  Angel prefers the pronoun “they” as he/she is neither.  Angel’s parents called they “A. Michael” for Archangel Michael.  Angel’s previous work is Everybody’s Angel (gasp on Cassette Tape) & Beatific Vision a full length movie on Netflix.  See videos above. Angel’s mantra from the Drag Queen Bianca is: “Not today Satin!” 

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